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I am happy to share the news that I have been acclaimed and will have the privilege to serve another term as the City Councillor for Côte Saint-Luc District 4. Thank you to the residents for sharing your thoughts and concerns with me over the last few weeks, as I knocked on over one thousand doors.


I will continue to ensure that the local needs of the district, and the city as a whole, are met, including road repaving, replacement of lead pipes, park upgrades, traffic calming measures and environmental initiatives. At the same time, my goal is to keep tax increases to a minimum, while improving services. I will keep fighting for the rights of Quebecers against unfair provincial legislation, to keep Meadowbrook as a green space, and to make sure that landlords maintain their apartment buildings.

I look forward to four more years as your City Councillor, during which I will continue working to make Côte Saint-Luc the best place to live, not only on the island of Montreal, but in all of Quebec.

It continues to be a pleasure to serve as your councillor for District 4. Thank you for your continued support and the confidence you have shown in me. 

The last year and half has been unprecedented on so many levels. Our goal throughout the pandemic has been to ensure Cote Saint-Lucers were safe. Cote Saint-Luc was the first city in the Province of Quebec to declare a state of emergency and the first in Canada to make masks mandatory in public spaces. This was done weeks before Montreal or Quebec took similar actions. We continue to take every necessary step to keep our residents safe and secure.

Early in the pandemic, we could not predict how the City would be affected financially. As the Councillor responsible for the finance portfolio, my priority was to ensure ongoing budget monitoring. Despite the challenges, Côte Saint-Luc finished 2020 with a surplus. Thanks in part to a grant from Quebec to offset costs related to the pandemic, we were able to offer no tax increase for the average residential home. Thank you to those who attended our recent pre-budget consultation.

The goal of the city has been to maintain or improve the services offered while keeping the tax rate as low as possible. Over the last 5 years we have kept the tax increase below the rate of inflation. Over the last 10 years, the average tax increase has been 1.6% compared to inflation at 2.1%.

We are continuing to focus on improvements to city infrastructure. We recently completed the repaving of the southern end of Westluke Ave. and over the upcoming months, the City will continue to prioritize road and water pipe repairs. We have sleeved about 24 percent of the water pipes in the city so far and have reduced the number of water main breaks by 61% over the last few years, through preventative maintenance.


Côte Saint-Luc has begun switching streetlights to energy-efficient LEDs with more than 500 completed including many in District 4. Over the next few months, a new climbing wall and shade structure will be installed at Fletcher Park to give children and families another place to relax on hot days. 

On the environmental front, from 2007 to 2020, the amount of garbage going to landfill has decreased by 44 percent while the amount of waste diverted has nearly tripled. This August, all homeowners received their new black bins, which will allow Côte Saint-Luc to collect waste more efficiently. 

For residents that live in homes or duplexes, I urge you to have your water tested by the city. This summer and next, we will be testing the water in 3000 homes. If you may have lead, we urge you to use a filter and apply for one of the grants available from the city. For more on what the city is doing, click here.

Côte Saint-Luc has been forced to cut down more than 2,000 diseased trees over the last 10 years, mostly due to the Emerald Ash Borer. We are trying to replace the trees as quickly as possible and I’m happy to share that over the next three years, we have doubled the budget for tree planting to catch up. As part of the Tree for my Neighbourhood program, we are inviting residents to purchase a tree to plant on your property.

I look forward to the end of the pandemic allowing us to again use the city services and facilities to the fullest.


Educator and local activist Steven Erdelyi was first elected as a City Councillor of Cote Saint-Luc District Four in 2005. Steven was re-elected with 94% and 71% of the vote, in his last two elections. This set the stage for Steven Erdelyi to continue to work on improvements to District 4 and Cote Saint-Luc as a whole. Erdelyi is chair of the CSL Audit Committee and co-chaired the CSL – Hydro-Quebec Working Group looking at the effect on Cote Saint-Luc of the new Aqueduc-Saraguay project.

Since 2013, Steven Erdelyi has worked as Principal, then Head of School of Solomon Schechter Academy after serving as Principal of Hampstead School and Vice-Principal of Westmount High School. Previously, he was the head of the Science Department at Marymount Academy where he taught Math and Science for six years. He has served Quebec’s English-speaking community for many years through his positions as a member of Alliance Quebec’s provincial Board of Directors and Vice-President of the Alliance Quebec Youth Commission. Erdelyi also worked as a Project Coordinator for Alliance Quebec, where he successfully lobbied for improved services in English for Montreal-area residents.

Erdelyi, who worked very closely with former mayor and current MP Anthony Housefather and Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and, played an integral role on the Cote Saint-Luc Demerger Committee. During the demerger campaign, he focused much of his efforts on District Four.

Steven is also known for co-founding MATCH-LQ, a political action group seeking to encourage young people to stay in Quebec. During his days at McGill University, he was an active representative on the Student Council where he initiated a Library Improvement Fund that has raised over $10 million. In the past, he has co-chaired a fundraising committee at the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts and was a member of the Young Leadership Israel Advocacy Initiative.

Erdelyi served a two-year term on the board of La Symbiose, a non-profit group aiming to help new immigrants to the area adapt to life in Canada. He was a member of the Montreal Jewish Hereditary Disease Fund, whose aim is to raise awareness and promote screening of common genetic diseases. He served on the board of the Quebec-Israel Committee, and then was on the board of the organization's successor, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs - Quebec.

Steven just completed his term as the president of the Association of Professional Educational Leaders (APEL) which consists of all the principals and heads of school of the various Jewish Day Schools in the Province of Quebec. Steven was recently appointed as a member of the provincial Advisory Board on English Education (ABEE). The ABEE’s purpose is to advise the Minister of Education on all matters affecting the educational services offered in English in Quebec. He will be joining the board of the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) at the upcoming Annual General Meeting in October. CAIS is the association of nearly 100 private schools across Canada.

Erdelyi is a graduate of Queen's University with a B.Ed. and McGill University with a B.Sc. in Biochemistry. He completed a post-graduate degree in Educational Leadership at McGill University. He is fluent in English, French and Hebrew and partly fluent in Japanese. In 2007, he and his wife, Randi Berman, welcomed the birth of their son, Matthew, and in 2009, the birth of their daughter, Bailey.

“Steven is someone I rely on for advice on all issues of importance to the city. He is a tremendous advocate for the residents of District 4, constantly bringing forward ideas to improve their quality of life and ensuring concerns are acted upon in a timely manner.”
Mitchell Brownstein, Mayor of Cote Saint-Luc


Finance and Environmental Issues

The goal of the city has been to maintain or improve the services offered while keeping the tax rate as low as possible. Over the last 5 years we have kept the tax increase below the rate of inflation. Over the last 10 years, the average tax increase has been 1.6% compared to inflation at 2.1%​.

On the environmental front, from 2007 to 2020, the amount of garbage going to landfill has decreased by 44 percent while the amount of waste diverted has nearly tripled


Public Works and Engineering

Côte Saint-Luc prioritized capital works projects including road works and pipe relining where we get money back from the governments of Canada or Quebec.  Not only do we save money on the project, we are also saving money in the long term by preventing water main breaks.  Watermain breaks were reduced by 61% over the last few years.


Library, Culture and Special Events

Côte Saint-Luc initiated new special events such as the Annual Mega Garage Sale, and renewed our Canada Day activities and Winter Carnival events as a city again.  Renovations were done to the library to improve the services offered to residents, and more digital options were available to patrons.  The annual fee for members was eliminated.

District 4 Map
Cote Saint-Luc District 4 Map with Capital Projects

Orange = Road Resurfacing & Underpass Repairs

Green = Park Renovations

Blue = Watermain sleeving & Pump Station Repairs

Light Blue = Watermain Protection (Sacrificial Anode)

Red = Traffic Light Replacement

District 4 Improvements

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